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What we do

Kolding IC activities

Kolding IC has a number of activities to serve the community with special focus on those who do not have Denmark as their original home country and in doing that spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is a quick overview of the activities:

Church services

Church services are held in Simon Peters Kirke, Islandsvej 12, 6000 Kolding. (see map here...) you will see it from Haderslevvej.

The service follows a fairly traditional Lutheran praxis, with hymns, sermon and the Holy Communion. It normally takes one to one-and-a-half hour. The services provide a time for approaching our Lord Jesus Christ in reverence and worship.

Afterwards we have tea and coffee in the community facilities, where we have an opportunity to great each others, talk and generally have a good time.

Services are held every first Sunday in the month and on special occasions such on Christmas Eve.

Read more about Simon Peters Church and the other activities here...

Sunday Brunch

From time to time a Sunday brunch is arranged, typically 2 weeks after one of ther services. We get together for a few hours, share food, talk together, sing some songs, and have a short devotion.

Christmas party

At Christmas time there is always an evening with lots of people attending.


Social gatherings and lecture evenings

Sometimes we meet in private homes or in one of the meeting rooms of the churches in Kolding:

Bible Study

Currently a group of young people are doing Bible studies every second Wednesday evening, please contact us, if you would like to be part of this activity, please see more under resources.