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KIC Bible Studies, what we do

With a lot of different people passing through our congregation, we find the need to have a place to talk about all sorts of things relating to our faith. So different kinds of Bible studies have been organized and held. Most of the time we meet in private homes

We have also felt the need for some study material that can be used in our setting. So far this has resulted in a series of Bible studies called Basic Christianity.


In the fall of 2011 we will meet every second Wednesday in Simon Peters Church at 19:00 to go through a chapter of Basic Christianilty. We will go through the first half about "The Christian Worldview". If you are interested in participating please contact:


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +45 4353 5349


E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +45 3170 1346


Basic Christianity

Basic Christianity is a series of 2-page studies intended to be used i small groups as the basis of conversation and asking questions. In previous years we have used material such as Basic Bible Studies by Francis Schaeffer and "The Bibles Big Picture" from All Souls student work in London.

We have found however that these studies could be difficult for non-westerners and that they also required quite advanced English skills. As a consequence, we have undertaken to edit and create a series of easy-to-use studies. We have called the "Basic Christianity".

We have drawn heavily on the material mentioned above as well as other sources. The pictures used in the material are mostly from Wikipedia and as such with copyright to anybody and free to use.

Basic Christianity consists of 2 sets of 8 studies, the first set deals with "The Christian Worldview", the second set deals with "The Christian Life".Here is the outline with download options:

Basic Christianity
I - The Christian Worldview
1. Who is God? The Creator, Jesus? God created, God came as Jesus and God sent his Spirit.
2. Who is Man - in relation to God? Man was created in God’s image, but went his own way.
3. God is holy - He defines ethics.
God defined principles of right and wrong, that’s how he is.
4. Jesus of Nazareth - at the center.
Jesus, man and God – the incarnation – in human history.
5. God forgives because of Jesus. Jesus came and took the punishment for all we did.
6. God wants us to grow in love.
When we believe in God and Jesus, he wants us to change.
7. God will restore his Creation.
History has a beginning and an end, Jesus is coming back.
8. God in the world - the Holy Spirit.
God is acting today through his Spirit.
II - The Christian Life
1. Our Father - child relationship.
Jesus says we are God’s children and he is our brother.
2. Prayer to God - how does it work?
We talk to God, he listens and acts, but how do we see it?
3. The Bible - why read it?
The Bible is God’s communication to us today - his word.
4. The Church - a family.
We are supposed to be like good brothers and sisters.
5. Servants in the world.
God wants us to make a difference in the world.
6. Hard times and suffering.
Why do we have hard times and meet evil?
7. Eternity - life in glory.
In Eternity there is no pain, no tears and no death.
8. Passing the Good News on.
Coming soon...

The series is primarily edited by Anne Broberg and Kurt Nielsen, checked for theological blunders by Jørgen Bækgaard-Thomsen and proof-read by Mary Slethaug.

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