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Home Shepherd's Corner Only the body saves the soul

Only the body saves the soul

Only the body saves the soul!

- the implication of the incarnation

The implication of the incarnation, that God became a man is, that the soul is bounded to the body.

It sounds rather shocking put like that, but the point is that the soul left to itself, the inner life, a dream-identity where everything would be better, if I was just somewhere else is not capable of transforming itself.


The soul need the gift that only the external life can deliver: the actual events of God´s addition in history, heard by physical ears, the actual material fact of meeting of believers where bread and wine are shared, the actual wonderful disagreeable, impossible, unpredictable human beings we encounter daily, in and out of the church, on work, in family, among friends. In this world of reality does it make sense to stand up and walk towards more uniqueness with God. In this sense does it make sense to be more honest, harmonic, living, which is some of the basic signs of uniqueness with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So, may God help us, that we stand up, face where our values are adrift and walk with Him, our Lord and Master, creator and redeemer, not one day somewhere else, but today, and every day.

Have a good week

Pastor Michael Markussen