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Sad tidings

Our pastor, shepherd and friend Kamalesh Biswas passed away on Thursday the 5th of November during a short Holiday in Lisbon Portugal. Lilly and Kamalesh were visiting Laura and Jens from our congregation on a short vacation, and Kamalesh suffered a heart attack in the evening, and although ambulances and paramedics were there quickly, there was nothing they could do.

The picture is from our fellowship after our last church service on Sunday the 1st of November.

As of now we do not yet know when the funeral will be, it will be announced here. All planned activities will continue church services, bible studies and lecture evenings. Watch out here for any changes that may occur.

For those of you whoare not receiving e-mail updates, but want to please send you contact details to me, Kurt at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or mobile phone 3170 1346.

Pastor Leif Nielsen from Brændkjærkirken will be filling in for Kamalesh until arrangements are in place, he can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tel: 7552 2055, Mobile: 2449 2010.

Kamalesh has gone to be with the Lord, we are still left here on Earth. Our thoughts are primarily with Lilly and their two sons Dan and Mark, may our God watch over them in this period of grief.

-- Kurt Nielsen


Ester and Harry

Esther and Harry have become parrents! Earlier this week Esther gave birth to a lovely little boy.

Marianne is safely home

Greetings to everybody from Marianne Basa, she is safely home in the Philippines, and she sends her love to everybody, she will send photos as soon as she gets to the Internet again.

Nepalese Contact

A Glimpse of the Mission Work of the Congregation outside Denmark

For a year we had the pleasure of having Raj Kumar from Nepal in our congregation. He was a blessing to us in many ways and a lot of us were impressed with the work he, his family and others have been  doing in Nepal:  planting new churches, educating people and generally serving the local community.

We are trying to support this work. Recently we got the news that Raj Kumar had used funds to support 5 local village pastors with two goats each.

In two to three years they will pay back the money that the goats cost, so that the money can be used to spark other livelihood  initiatives.

We hope that this step - as little as it is - will improve the lives for a few people in Nepal.


Vision Session of KIC  Calls for Concrete  Mission Involvement

Kurt and Susanne have been very active in supporting students who have come to Denmark. One of their encounters was Raj Kumar from Nepal,  who has given them the glimpse  at the kind of ministry for the local Nepali people. The relationship with Raj Kumar in Nepal with Kurt and Susanne's   economic support  has continued.

KIC though its VIsion Session has expressed the need for mission involvement. In the past the International Christmas Parties used to have collections which have been given for the support for typhoon victims in the Philippines and for the school children in India. The on-going work of Raj Kumar in Nepal is one mission involvement that KIC can possibly commit herself in the future. The cross-cultural office is now starting to research on that possibility.



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