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Brunch Takes up 10 Principles on Migration and Intro to Kenya

Brunch takes up 10 principles on migration


Brunch on the 17th of October was attended by 22 folks representing

9 countries of origin. Thai, Kenyan, Filipino, Danish food dominated the dining table. It is amazing to experience the miracle of sharing. There has always been food for everyone. It never has happened that we ran out of food.


New faces showed up. Margrethe Nielsen fra Thailand and Kurt from
England graced the fellowship. Tøve Møller, the chairwoman of Simon Peters Church
and Majbrith Larsen, one of the members of the church council were also present.

After eating the main course, the gathered group was led to reading the Ten Principles of Migration both in English and Danish languages. The manifesto document is prepared by the Tværkulturelt Center in Copenhagen in cooperation  with other organizations in the country  that have been working for refugees and immigrants for a number of years.

 A pamphlet entitled, Kirke og migration, which deepens understanding on each principle

in the light of the biblical texts, historical facts, constitutional and human rights can be

bought at the office for 20 crowns.


Here is the short version of these principles in English language:

                Ten principles for churches responding to migration


1.  Migrants have often contributed positively to the culture, history, national and church life of the receiving countries.

2.  Showing hospitality to the stranger is a biblical virtue.

3.  Migrants have the right to a life in which their dignity is respected regardless of legal status.

4.  Human rights apply to all people.

5.  The rights and privileges of nationality and citizenship do not have an absolute value in themselves but are gifts entrusted to us by God.

6. The obligation of the church to help fellow Christians must not overshadow the obligation to help all those who need help.

7.  It is in the interest of the wider society that migrants can live together with close family members and that divided families are reunited.

8.  All children have the right to a secure childhood with respect for their human dignity regardless of their parents´ legal status.  

9.  Words can bring about what they name. Therefore we should be aware of the words we use to describe migrants and avoid

      disparaging, inaccurate and generalising language.

10.  The responsibility of the national state for its own citizens should not exclude its acceptance of global responsibility for

      treating migrants with due respect for their dignity.


     Each principle was read out loudly and there was time for open discussion and comments. It was  great that the document was able to lead the gathered participants into an important open discussion on the issue of refugees and immigrants in Denmark and what the church or individuals  could possibly do.


     During coffee time, Kurt Nielsen informed the body about the Bible Study in Brandkjærkirken two Wednesdays in a month. He told about the process of doing the study and invited each one to join the next Bible study on the 20th of October at 19.00.   There was time for singing one Venezuelan song in English, Danish and Spanish languages with Elizabeth accompanying with guitar.

     After which Martin Opiyo, with his enthusiasm and eloquence, shared about his country, Kenya.


     The next brunch is on the 21st of November. We hope to  hear  presentation of China  by our charming Chinese  lady, Manling Tam.

     The idea of having presentations from a country of origin is one of the ideas that came up during the Vision Session on the 3rd of October.


     Come and join the brunch fellowship. Bring friends and comrades. For a period of two hours, we can eat together, taste food  from different countries, renew and build friendships, listen and learn from each other, share insights on pressing issues in our time.




Bible Study Gaining Momentum

It was an inspiring Bible Study  evening in Brændkjækirken. There were more new faces joining- students, mothers and couples. We had to secure extra chairs to add to the standing chairs around the table. It was the first time I attended that the room was filled with participants. If the number would still be added next time, we had to move to a bigger room.

The study was focused on prayer: biblical injunction on prayer, our need for prayer, how to pray, results of prayers, what  and why if we get no answer. The study gave time  for reading texts from both the New and the Old Testaments, sharing personal stories on  how the texts are personally understood and experienced in participants' own personal lives. There was more openness in sharing experiences and raising questions.

There was time for singing songs, interchange of personal concerns during coffee time. Susanne came with apple cake and Vera with some cookies. Jessica declared, "It was long time I had been to a Bible study. Now I am back to my roots."

The next Bible study is on the 20th of October. Bible study sessions are taking place two times in a month every other Wednesdays at 19.00 in Brændkjærkiren at  Agtrupsvej 114, 6000 Kolding.  

Susanne and Kurt have prepared very good materials for study and the kind of teaching brings us deep into a better  and active understanding on the Christian faith. No church can healthily exist without being grounded on the reflection and understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Come and join!

EPO, October 6, 2010


Brunch in September

Brunch of  Kolding IC, a table of fellowship open to all

For the second time brunch was held in SImon Peters Church. It was attended by 25 people. Tove Møller, the chairwoman of the church council of Simon Peters Church graced the occasion. Marianne Jespersen, the secretary of the Tværkulturel Udvalg (cross-cultural committee), also attended. After eating, part of the time was spent giving everyone the chance to introduce themselves. There were new faces like Melanie, a Philippine au pair, who is the sister to our former dear friend Mariane, Ming Ling from China, the couple Laila and Michael from Iran, Touran coming from the same country, and Cristina from Romania. There were three boys -


Toner på tværs

Toner på tværs on the 25th of September

Toner på tværs is an inter-cultural program around songs, music, dance, poetry reading and international buffet. It is open to all individuals or groups of whatever ethnic or religious background who are willing to share their talents for building up a fellowship and affirming our common humanity in spite of differences in language, culture and religion. The sounds of cultural expressions are enriching to celebrate, an instrument in forging friendship, understanding and tolerance.


Thank you Leif

On Sunday the second of May after the church service we had the opportunity to say thank you to pastor Leif Nielsen, who has volunteered for the last six months to minister to the International Congregation after the death of Kamalesh Biswas.

Leif received a couple of presents and greetings were exchanged. We hope to see Leif and his wife often in our small congregation in the future although he will appear as a civilian.

You can see some more pictures from the event here...


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