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Brunch in September

Brunch of  Kolding IC, a table of fellowship open to all

For the second time brunch was held in SImon Peters Church. It was attended by 25 people. Tove Møller, the chairwoman of the church council of Simon Peters Church graced the occasion. Marianne Jespersen, the secretary of the Tværkulturel Udvalg (cross-cultural committee), also attended. After eating, part of the time was spent giving everyone the chance to introduce themselves. There were new faces like Melanie, a Philippine au pair, who is the sister to our former dear friend Mariane, Ming Ling from China, the couple Laila and Michael from Iran, Touran coming from the same country, and Cristina from Romania. There were three boys -

 the child of Jocelyn Hansen, Joshua, the child of Daniela and Lars and Bastian.

Everyone got the chance to talk and introduce themselves. At coffee time, Touran, a warm lady from Iran sang a beautiful Iranian song  and gave a beautiful dance using a beautiful Iranian music on CD. It was a great entertainment from a lady with a very warm heart and who also came with a very delicious Iranian food. Then the body in fellowship learned two new songs, a song from Venezuela sang in English, Danish and Spanish languages. Ejvind, the church organist played the piano. The second song was accompanied by Elizabeth with guitar. A dream was shared if in the future the international group could form an international choir in the near future. There was time for everyone to talk with whoever each one wanted to spend time with.

More pieces of information were shared about Toner på tværs, the Vision Day on the 3rd of October and the forthcoming brunches on the 17th of October and on the 21st of November.

Brunch is a social fellowship of KIC which is open to  Christians and all  those of different religious affiliations or even those who do not believe in God at all. It is re-affirming the Lord of the universe who is the Creator of all nations and peoples and in him we can live as responsible individuals and communities of friends.  (EPO)


Brunch Opens Windows to China (November 21)

Brunch this month is on the 21st. We start at 12.15 sharing and eating our common meal. Man Ling and Li Yang will tell something about their home country, China. The delegates to the conference in Århus, Gudmundur and Vera will say something about the meaningful highlights of their experience.

Come to brunch, giving yourself more time to listen and to talk in an atmosphere of trust and rest. Brunch is one KIC social activity which is open to all in spite of differences in philosophies and religions.