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Bible Study Gaining Momentum

It was an inspiring Bible Study  evening in Brændkjækirken. There were more new faces joining- students, mothers and couples. We had to secure extra chairs to add to the standing chairs around the table. It was the first time I attended that the room was filled with participants. If the number would still be added next time, we had to move to a bigger room.

The study was focused on prayer: biblical injunction on prayer, our need for prayer, how to pray, results of prayers, what  and why if we get no answer. The study gave time  for reading texts from both the New and the Old Testaments, sharing personal stories on  how the texts are personally understood and experienced in participants' own personal lives. There was more openness in sharing experiences and raising questions.

There was time for singing songs, interchange of personal concerns during coffee time. Susanne came with apple cake and Vera with some cookies. Jessica declared, "It was long time I had been to a Bible study. Now I am back to my roots."

The next Bible study is on the 20th of October. Bible study sessions are taking place two times in a month every other Wednesdays at 19.00 in Brændkjærkiren at  Agtrupsvej 114, 6000 Kolding.  

Susanne and Kurt have prepared very good materials for study and the kind of teaching brings us deep into a better  and active understanding on the Christian faith. No church can healthily exist without being grounded on the reflection and understanding of the Holy Scriptures. Come and join!

EPO, October 6, 2010