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Welcome to Kolding IC

Next events

Worship Service on June 7

Welcome to the worship service in English, the second Sunday after the celebration of the Pentecost and the first Sunday after observance of the Trinity. If you are new in town or if you are one who needs to worship in a language you can understand, or one who needs to be in fellowship of Christians, wanting to share  Jesus'  love and compassion to all peoples of different races and cultures,. then this offer maybe is for you. 

The Rev. Michael Markussen will be leading the worship service. 

Pastor Michael Markussen 


  Forthcoming Activities: 

  1.  Brunch Fellowship, May 24 at 12. 15. Bring food for the common table.  Brunch gives us the privilige to meet people from other cultures and traditions, listening, sharing and learning from each other. Secure brochure on brunch fellowship which the brunch committee has prepared for the following 6 months. 

 2. Women Encounter Women, May 30 at 2-5 pm. On this particular Saturday we focus on situation of women from different countries. Four women will speak, touching on issues on marriage, family life, nurturing children, education and health. There are now representations from Libanon, Iran, Philippines and Congo. The women encounter women event every last Saturday in a month has now touched on many other themes and creative activities. The first was women cooking food and demonstrating to other women. We celebrated all Women's birthday. We had Beauty Parlor and had women in our midst who cut hair, washed the feet, gave massage, braid the hair and gave manicure. One beauty parlor in town gave us a free service by sending us two personnels who did hair cut.  We  had also Annelies van den Brink, an expert  on floral arrangement. who led the women in an afternoon of flower arrangement.   The last activity for women during summer time is picnic in nature when women visit Marielund or Nature School. This will be on June 27 at 2-5 pm. 

   3. Cross Cultural Meal or Middag på tværs in Vamdrup Church, May 18  at 5-9 pm - a meeting together between Danes and new Danes, foreigners and refugees around food which participants bring along to the common table. It is a time for eating together, time to listen to a challenge on information that is relevant to all those who attend. This time it is by Lasse Kamp from Kolding Kommune who will speak on the issue on integration for foriegner and refugees. There will be time for the local talents to perform  their cultural talents. This afternoon event will be concluded by a meditative worship inside Vamdrup Church. 

 4. Creative workshop for refugees at Sommersted Asylcenter, June  1 from 2-8 pm. This is the third time that team of volunteers from Kolding Provsti visit Sommersted Asylum Center. In the previous two visits, we had only music and painting workshop for the whole afternoon, but on this third visit on June 1, we will get the chance to learn to know the refugees in a much more personal level. After the creative painting workshop, we will exhibit all the paintings which will be produced during this day, and then take time to eat together. This means that all volunteers and friends of the refugees bring food to the common table. We expect also some refugees who bring their food to the common table. We eat together and share this meal. But not only that, we spend also time to entertain each other by whatever talent we have. We invite refugees to sing their songs or dance their dance and we can sing Danish songs together. A group of students from another Boarding School will also be around to play their musical instruments. It is an afternoon of creativity but also an afternoon of celebration and also fellowship. 

 5. Sprogcafe is every Thursdag at 4-6 pm. 

All regular activities take place in Simon Peters Church at Islandsvej 12 in Kolding- 



    Sprogcafe or Danish Language Session every Thursday at 4 to 6 p.m.                                       


To all interested to learn the Danish language. This is an offer to beginners or those who have lessons already, but who simply need to practice and improve their spoken and written Danish.

You are invited to learn Danish through our Danish teachers and volunteers. You will learn the language as a group through informal talks over cup of tea/coffee, learning of Danish songs and some Danish expressions, and then in small group or as single student you will be helped by one teacher/volunteer to study Danish at your own speed and according to your own need.

Contact us. See the information above. This offer is part of the cross-cultural work of Kolding Deanery as help to your integration as foreigner, immigrant, worker or refugee in Denmark.Danish Language session every Thursday at 4 to 6 p.m.


Annual Excursion of KIC  to Esbjerg , Saturday June 20 from 9 am to 5 pm

For more details, pick up an information sheet on the excursion at the cross-cultural office or ring to Elizabeth 30 45 04 14. 


 Successful Conference on April 5 

 The second conference on integration with the theme: International fellowships--also in the Danish Church was a success. The priest and lawyer from Helsinki, Samuel Luak, presented his experiences in working with foreigners in Finland and inviting them into the life of the church. Four cross-cultural leaders in Denmark also shared their ministries: Birgitte Møldrup from Jelling Kirke gave us a reflective presentation on the work in Jelling for the refugees and foreigners in the area and Krista Bellows gave more reflection and comments on the paper, Annette Christensen from Kingos Kirke in Copenhagen also laid out the strategies and methods they do in reaching out and involving foreigners and those in the asylum centers, Daniel Ettrup Larsen from Ribe Stift presented the growing and spreading activities of the Diocese's  cross-cultural ministry which is also reaching out to the far flung local churches in the area, and Michael Markussen did the presentation on Kolding International Congregation as part of the cross-cultural project of Kolding Provsti which is supported by 31 local churches in town. There was time for small group discussions as Samuel Luak led us in answering serious and relevant questions. The day was concluded by a creative worship service. 


Toner på tværs,a cultural event on March 15 in Christiansfeld

So indeed it took place in the tourist area in Christianfeld, right in the heart of Tyrstrup Kirke where the cultural program of songs, dances, instrumental renditions, poetry reading took place. It was a program which ran almost two hours: with the old instrument lure af Gunnar Jakobsen, saw by Hans Peter Jepsen, solos  from Holland and the Philippines, duet of the  two sisters from Zimbabwe, group songs from Iran, Latvia and Russia, dances from Thailand, Uganda and Sudan, drum from Malawi,community singing in English and Danish, and the great Christiansfeld Gospel Choir. There was poetry reading in Norwegian, English and Danish on the themes of joy, friendship, war and peace. And the children were also given time to play different musical instruments for the two children's songs, one of which was Mr. Jacob, which was sung in 7 languages. We had two organists: Mette Lise from Tyrstrup Kirke and Ejvind from Simon Peters Church in Kolding. We had four guitarists, 2 other pianists from Rusland and Iran, one who played trumpet and lure and 25 children who rang the sounds of different musical  instruments. 

Toner på tværs is not only to enjoy life together in the beauty of our diversity but also to express our common responsibility and solidarity with those who suffer. There was collection or offertory during this event. An amount of 4,500 kroner was collected for the work of Tyrstrup Kirke in Baghdad, Iraq. 

After the program in the church, which was attended by more than 300 people, the second part was to share a common meal at Seniorhuset. There were 34 people on the list who said yes to bring food for the International Buffet and yet there were about 10 people who came with food and whose names were not on the list. The number of nationalities represented among those who brought food was more than 20 countries. Of course, there were other nationalities among the audience.

The planning committee is much excited to evaluate the past event and look forward to the next Toner på tværs in spring 2015 which may need a bigger place for eating together.

Take note that Toner på tværs in Kolding in autumn is on September 27 from 4-9 pm.  See you there. 

Toner på tværs is usually attended by people, representing 25 to 30 nationalities. If you know of anyone who's got the talent and would like to share this talent with the international communityfree of charge,  Contact 30 45 04 14 or write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. 



Sprogcafe or Danish Language Study every Thursday, an offer to foreigners

 Sprogcafe is an offer to foreigners, immigrants and refugees who would like to learn and improve their acquisition of the Danish language. Sprogcafe is language encounter, an attempt to learn through dialogues with the use of day to day realities in particular situations and seasons. Sprogcafe or Danish language encounter is every  Thursday from 4 to 6  pm here in Simon Peters Church at Islandsvej 12, Kolding. 

With the group of  Danish volunteers, you will be helped to read, write and speak  Danish as your second or third language. Over a cup of coffee, you will be trained to speak or describe  day to day situations, sing Danish songs, enter into dialogues, play games and be in the fellowship of friends. 


Mission Partnership with UCCP-Bradford for the Street Children in the Philippines 

Koldng International Congregation in Denmark enters into an agreement with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines- Bradford in the Philippines for the work for the street children in the big city of Cebu in the Philippines. The agreement was signed during the worship service on August 4. The program aims at giving food for the street children and their families, also helping them in their education, and coming out with schemes that the families can be helped to provide for their own families  by livelihood training and incentives. 

We are thankful that Berry and Annelies van den Brink have given time to do the practical details necessary for this mission partnership. Annelies has made small bags of rice which can be bought by anyone at the price of 50 kr. if one commits to suppor the project. From August 2013 KIC has now forwarded financial support from KIC offerings. 

See more of the program on facebook: Ministry for the Street Children 


Bible Study 2013

The first  Bible study session for the year 2014  is in the month of February, right after brunch.  Bible study sessions  often take place  after  brunch fellowships. Those who have time to stay for an hour or longer after brunch are welcome to participate in the study at Simon Peters Church, Islandsvej 12, Kolding. Scrumbooks with the schedule of activities during the first 6 months will be distributed.

The study is in English, often participated in by students and interested Christians who would like to deepen their understanding on biblical texts in the light of life's own situation and events in our time.  See  here...

Come and share this fellowship of study, friendship and prayer. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


Language Cafe continues every Thursday from 16.00 to 17.30.  Four regular Danish volunteers are giving their time to help foreigners brush up or learn their Danish language. The program is open to any refugee, foreigner or immigrant who is concerned to improve her/his  acquisition of the Danish language, both written and spoken.

 We are very much priviliged to have four volunteer teachers: Anni Solgaard, Joy Kubel Geertzen, Kirsten Nørgaard and Stefan Loof.  We continue to appeal for more help from the Danish congregations. Is there anyone out there who maybe interested to help refugees and immigrants learn the difficult Danish language?  


Looking Back, KIC administrative constituency

The KIC General Assembly took place in October. The congregation voted for the KIC By-laws and Guidelines. Jan Tinge was voted to serve as new  member in the church committee while Ms. Anni Solgaard accepted the role as auxiliary. Lilly Biswas retained the chairmanship while Danina Lanfer continues to serve as the secretary . KIC welcomes Neema Lubago  as the new elected member within the KIC church committee. 











The Kolding IC Community

Declaration of Identity, Purpose and Guidelines


Who is Kolding IC


Kolding International Congregation is a group of people of many different nationalities. We meet regularly for Church services, Bible studies, lecture evenings, Sunday brunches, informal meetings and general social activities.

After Kamalesh Biswas (our previous pastor, who started this activity) passed away in November 2009, pastor Michael Markussen of Simon Peters Kirke (Church) is conducting the services and offering general pastoral services.

Our church services take place in Simon Peters Kirke in Kolding on the first Sunday in the month at 1 p.m.  and are conducted in English. Coffee and tea are served afterwards. Elizabeth Padillo Olesen is our fulltime cross-cultural worker, who is in charged with the daily office and supports all the activites.

Other activities include occasional presentations and lectures, brunch on Sundays, Bible studies, religious dialogues, excursions and other special events like Inter-cultural voices (Toner på tværs) and  the International  Christmas party. In cooperation with other cross cultural organizations, we invite individuals and families to join in a yearly summercamp and other cross-cultural conferences.

Please check out our schedule and feel free to join us, we are already all shapes, sizes and colors, so we are sure you will fit in as well. Welcome!





A new article is available: The Mark of the Christian, read it here...